Pneumatic Swing Clamp


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The Pneumatic Swing Clamp is excellent for automating high production work.

Pneumatic activation allows clamps to be opened and closed with the flip of a switch; the clamp arm swings out of the way to allow overhead loading of parts.

Part Number 13-101-01
Clamping Method Pneumatic Cylinder
Clamping Area 51 mm Depth x 76 mm Width (2″ x 3″)
Material Thickness 2~4 cm (0.79″~1.57″)
with included spacer
Base Surface Area 52.5 in2
Stop Diameter 75 mm (2.953″)
Clamping Range w/Spacer 18 – 35mm
Clamping Range w/o Spacer  27 – 44mm
Bottom Seal Part # 13-101-01-11

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