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Repair Procedure

We are proud to provide a product repair service as part of our dedication to our customers. If any of our products become damaged in any way, return them to us and we will salvage what we can and replace whatever is necessary to return the items back to proper working condition.

  1. Please send the product FULLY ASSEMBLED.
    DO NOT send products in pieces or just the damaged part.
  2. Securely package the damaged items in an appropriate container. If possible, reuse the packaging from the original shipment.
    Proper packaging is extremely important, our products can be further damaged during shipment if not packaged properly.
  3. Print out and complete the REPAIR FORM and be sure to include it with your shipment.
  4. Please write any special instructions on the form regarding the damaged items.
    (Example: Do not replace any seals or air fittings.)
  5. Ship the items via UPS or FedEx. We can handle the shipping (pickup)* - just give us a call and we can schedule an inbound shipment for you.

*NOTE: Customer is responsible for payment of shipping

UPDATE! Date: 01-24-2020

Get your BLICK Suction Cups retrofitted to the NEW PAD DESIGN!

To Find out how, Contact us for information.

UPDATE! Date: 10-07-2019

Do you have a 40 x 150 x 300 mm or 40 x 100 x 300 mm Supports that needs repair?

Send your support in for repair and BLICK will upgrade your support to the NEW suction cup top. Contact us for details.


Please only send us the items you want repaired. We cannot store your items for more than 90 days. Items the customer declines to have repaired will be discarded. We can only make repairs to BLICK products.


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