100mm Height Pneumatic Mushroom Clamp for Brembana Concept


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The Pneumatic Mushroom Clamp is designed to interface with Brembana machines at 100mm height.

  • Functions the same as the standard Pneumatic Mushroom Clamp, and is equipped with a pin on the bottom base for referencing tables.
Part Number 13-103-04
Clamping Method Pneumatic Cylinder
Clamping Area
(Circular Ring)
152 mm OD x 70 mm ID
(6″ x 2.75″)
Material Thickness 0.8~4.4 cm (0.32″~1.73″)
Base Surface Area 42 in2
Stop Diameter 60 mm (2.36″)
Bottom Seal Part # 13-103-02-11

How to Measure Fittings & Suction Cup Heights

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