Sink Rail Support Kit


Prevent sink rail breakage with the BLICK INDUSTRIES Sink Rail Support Kit!

Extra narrow 1″ wide support allows for positioning under narrow sink rails

  • The clamp is compatible with other BLICK suction cups and supports
  • Removable hand knob for convenient tightening
Included in Kit Part Number
  • Sink Rail Support
  • Large Edge Clamp


Sink Rail Support Specs:
Clamping Range Up to 4 cm of material
Top Surface Area 10.62 in²
Base Surface Area 62.5 in²
Base Dimensions 150 x 300 mm (5.9″ x 11.81″)
Bottom Seal 12-150-30-11
Open Clamp Distance with Base 4.5 cm (1.79″)
Closed Clamp Distance with Base 0.6 cm (0.24″)
  • Position the support as you would any other suction cup.
  • Run your perimeter profile.
  • Pause the machine and attach a large edge clamp to the support clamp.
  • Cut out and edge your bowl hole.
Large Edge Clamp Specs:
Clamping Method Mechanical Screw
Clamping Area (Top) 66 mm Depth x 152 mm Width (2.625″ x 6″)
Material Thickness Up to 4 cm (1.57″)
Closed Clamp Distance 3 cm (1.81″)
  • Prevents corner blowout and small pieces from moving and provides extra support for fragile regions such as sink rails
  • Designed to mount on all BLICK Suction Cups and Supports
  • Low-Profile unlike a C clamp
  • Handle included
  • Non-marking

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