Dual Mechanical Vacuum Clamp


The Dual Mechanical Vacuum Clamp provides an increased clamping area.


They are very effective when seaming through the middle of sink cut-outs.

IMPORTANT: Use provided 6 mm alan wrench to avoid overtightening. Overtightening will cause damage to the clamp.

Part Number 13-102-02
Clamping Method Dual Mechanical Screw (8 mm)
Clamping Area 32 mm Depth x 38 mm Width
(1.25″ x 1.5″)
Material Thickness 1.2~4 cm (0.47″~1.57″)
Base Surface Area 64.25 in2
Base Dimensions 150 x 300 mm (5.91″ x 11.81″)
Bottom Seal Part # 13-102-02-11

Available in ANY height and most popular fitting sizes.

How to Measure Fittings & Suction Cup Heights


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