Backsplash Clamp


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Backsplash Clamps allow long narrow pieces, such as backsplashes, to be easily worked on a standard CNC machine.

  • Perfect for profiling backsplashes, thresholds, stair treads, and wall caps
  • Solid rubber vulcanized friction pads promote superior holding
  • Each pneumatic clamp provides up to 700-lbs. of clamping force
  • Easily adjustable for different widths
  • Width of each clamp is roughly 9.5″
  • Clamping units provide the necessary downward pressure to securely hold the work while suction cups support the work between clamps and prevent vibration
  • Backsplash Clamp Systems consist of a series of alternating suction cups and pneumatic clamps. Various combinations of clamping units and suction cups can be used to accommodate work pieces of different lengths.
  • Pneumatic Clamping Units can be actuated automatically by the air system of the CNC machine, or manually with an air switch
Part Number 13-104-01
Clamping Method Pneumatic Cylinder
Clamping Range 1~6 cm (.39″~2.36″)
Base Surface Area 92 in2
Bottom Seal Part # 13-104-01-28
Base Dimensions 240 x 300 mm (9.45″ x 11.81″)


How to Measure Fittings & Suction Cup Heights

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