35 mm Locating Pin


Locating Pins provide rigid, repeatable reference points for quick and easy locating.


Locating Pins consist of a vacuum base and a removable pin. The Removable Pin is placed over the stainless steel pin on the base during setup and then removed during the machine cycle.

  • For accurately locating a workpiece on CNC machines using the spindle
  • More accurate than a laser
  • Provides a simple, cost-effective solution
  • Locate pins with the Stop Locator Tool
Height Part #
100 mm  11-301-07-100
200 mm 11-301-07-200
Info. Specs.
Stop Method Removable Pin
Base Surface Area 25.2 in2
Base Dimensions 150 mm Diameter (5.91″)
Bottom Seal Part # 11-301-01-11


  • Available in ANY height and most popular fitting sizes.
  • Uses the same removable Removable Pins as Table Edge Locating Pins.
  • Replacement pin available with laser target
    (Part Number: 1-301-01-73) Contact Us for More Info.
  • Locating Pins are for locating ONLY and are not intended for stabilizing material. See Vacuum Fences

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