50 mm Table Edge Locating Pin


There is no faster way to set up rectangular pieces!


Two pins protrude from the base of the unit reference against the edges of the machine’s table, allowing for a quick and repeatable setup.

  • Use the corners of the machine’s table to create four fixed origins.
  • For accurately locating a workpiece on CNC machines using the spindle.
  • Locate pins with the Stop Locator Tool


Height Part #
105 mm  11-401-01-105
120 mm 11-401-01-120
150 mm 11-401-01-150
160 mm 11-401-01-160
180 mm 11-401-01-180
200 mm 11-401-01-200
Info. Specs.
Edge Offset 165 mm (6.50″)
Stop Method 50 mm (1.97″) Removable Pin
Base Surface Area 26.4 in2
Base Dimensions 140 x 195 mm (5.51″ x 7.68″)
Bottom Seal Part # 11-401-01-11


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